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brand space

heineken "white terrace"_

simple yet elegant vibrancy

brought to life by the vision of our head architect, mónica cirla, “the green” is a space that breathes with simple yet elegant vibrancy, right in the most prominent corner of avenida escazú.

the challenge was to create a coherent extension of santos, which had an established language of glass, geometrical displaying and spontaneous spurs of inner landscaping.

the result was a light architecture brand space, an urban respone to the look and feel of piers and docks. the choice of wood, expressive metal, transparency, and tensed fabrics paired accordingly with the green lushiness and the blue sky.

all furniture solutions were specifically designed and detailed by < elastica > to create a custom solution for santos, one which invites everyone to sit, socialize, and why not, enjoy a cold one or two, during the perfect sunset.

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