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experience design

la oliva verde_

comprehensive transdisciplinary project

as a pioneer in healthy food, the renown fast-casual restaurant chain needed an image reboost and a total redesign of its customer experience.

the result is a comprehensive transdisciplinary project that went from the rebranding — to the actual architectural experience.

< elastica > worked on three stages, firstly on the creation of a refreshed visual dna, which delivered a powerful isotype as part of a highly recognizable graphic language.

secondly, a robust catalog of applications which highlighted sustainable packaging, an artsy poster collection, and a more intuitive and engaging menu system that considered vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and keto practiotioners, alike.

the third stage, was the spatial experience in itself, which merged interior design, furniture design, architecture, graphic design, music curation and copywriting to convey an integrated experience based on a healthy/farm to table mentality.

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